Bungee Jumping

Jun 1, 2013
Bungee Jumping

When considering extreme sports, bungee jumping tends to rise to the top of the list in both achieved thrill as well as inherent risk. Bungee jumpers find high platforms such as bridges, buildings and scaffolds specially built for the sport in order to jump from them. Generally speaking, the jump is done with cords  attached to either your waist or ankles depending on where you jump (wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungee_jumping).  This sport focuses on a prolonged freefall but also includes a lift effect after the initial fall that prolongs the thrill which plays such a key role in the sport.  At least one bungee jumping organization in Chile provides bungee jumping experiences suspended from a helicopter over an active volcano.  As with any extreme sport, there is a heightened risk of injury or death that comes from either the prospect of hitting the ground due to equipment malfunction or miscalculation or from the shifting pressures on the cardiovascular systems of bungee jumpers.  If you are looking for an extreme sport at the edge between safety and recreation, bungee jumping is something that may be ideal for you.

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