Cliff Diving – The Most Spectacular Cliff Divers of Acapulco at La Quebrada

Jun 3, 2013
Cliff Diving – The Most Spectacular Cliff Divers of Acapulco at La Quebrada

Acapulco is host to one of the most vaunted cliff diving locales in the world at La Quebrada. This place, whose name means gulch in Spanish, features two cliffs from which divers can launch themselves. One of the cliffs is a forty-foot high precipice while the other is eighty feet. One of the features that make this spot so unique is that the water under the cliffs is variable due to ocean waves, which means that if dives are not timed with the waves correctly, divers are jumping into water that is only six feet deep. Even when dives are timed correctly, there is only an average depth of about twelve feet. To take things even further the local divers are also well known for diving at night with torches in order to add to the spectacle. They can be watched from many locations including from a designated platform as well as from the dining room of nearby Hotel Mirador. If you are in Acapulco or plan to travel there on vacation or other attractions, heading to the cliffs of La Quebrada during the afternoon or evening promises to delight and astound you with the divers’ death defying leaps into turbulent ocean water.

Having watched the cliff divers on three various occasions during vacation trips to Acapulco, one of my favorite destinations in Mexico, I never tire of watching the brave men and women dive at La Quebrada. It is a good idea to go early and enjoy the sunset and a cocktail while you wait for the evening performance to begin. There is something really special about the location in Acapulco, it is a very romantic place by day, or evening, but the divers with the torches and the lights on the sides of the cliffs is spectacular. After seeing this the first time, all I could think is you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to get me to jump off one of those cliffs into shallow water, but to be a La Quebrada diver in Acapulco holds a place of honor and provides steady employment so I understand why they perform this death defying act night after night.

Acapulco is one of those special places that I hold dear in my travel memories and while writing about it makes me want to pack a suitcase and jump on the next flight, to laze the days away on the beach, shop, and dine at fabulous restaurants and then watch the cliff divers in the evening.

If you wish to share your experiences in Acapulco or are a cliff diver, please reply in comments section below.

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