Cliff Diving

Jun 24, 2013
Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is an extreme sport that combines the love of thrill with a love for water.  While the sport of cliff diving is generally done as a non-competitive sport with only the thrill and experience as a primary goal, this has been changing recently with sports events sponsored by such corporations as the manufactures of Red Bull Energy Drink. Those that practice cliff diving have special concerns over their mainstream counterparts due to the extra dangers from water currents and variable floor contours.  Misjudging a depth or not taking into account currents can lead to dangerous scenarios.  The primary focus if the sport is on the thrill achieved by diving from massive heights into water that can present a bevy of additional dangers such as rocks and waves.  While most extreme sports focus on providing the perception of danger mitigated by safety gear, cliff diving specifically seek out dangerous locales and relies on planning and skill to ensure safety.  This fact alone makes cliff diving one of the most daring and extreme sports available.

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