Formula One – Racing Sport of the Rich and Famous

Jun 24, 2013
Formula One – Racing Sport of the Rich and Famous

Formula One racing is a motorized sport that entails highly modified cars going around a track for many laps resulting in a race that spans between one hundred sixty and one hundred ninety miles. The cars themselves are modified along the strict Formula One guidelines and are built for a single driver, with cars costs in the mega millions to build and maintain. These guidelines restrict many features of both the car engines as well as bodies in regard to performance enhancement. The racing sport began as Grand Prix racing in the pre-war era and was revived after World War II as Formula One to break the proscription that existed in Europe during the war years. Formula One races occur all over the world including in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, as well as The Americas. The events are highly publicized and corporate sponsorship plays a large role in funding necessary to keep the sport going, this is the most expensive racing on the planet in terms of Formula One teams and car costs. Whether it is for the thrill of the race or the historic value of attending a race steeped in such history, there is a reason for everyone to enjoy Formula One racing.

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