Kayaking – Slalom Kayak costs for Beginner to Experts

Jun 3, 2013
Kayaking – Slalom Kayak costs for Beginner to Experts

For those that participate in slalom kayaking, whether they are beginners or experts, there are costs inherent in acquiring equipment. Prices vary between the available watercraft with figures ranging from $850 to $2350. Galasport USA carries two models that are ideal for women and children or people of otherwise lower weight called the Dino and the Toro Piko priced at between $990 to $1690 and $1350 to $2350, respectively. In the adult range of kayaks, six vessels range in price from $1350 to $2350. These watercrafts are named the Echo, Sonic, Sonic Boom, Toro Piko, and the Sonic XXL, Toro Evolution, and Echo XXL are options for larger kayakers. Price variability within each model is determined by added features such as waterproofing and specialized seats. The Plastic Slalom Toro is another option that allows weights up to one hundred ninety five pounds and is the least expensive option at only $850. Options abound for those looking to either upgrade or invest in a new vessel for slalom kayaking with many different features available depending upon budget as well as size needs. Whether you are thinking about upgrading or just buying your first kayak there is sure to be a watercraft that is ideal for you.


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