Jun 24, 2013

Kayaking is a water sport that uses closed deck watercrafts propelled by two bladed paddles in order to traverse some of the world’s most interesting, beautiful, and often treacherous waterways. This sport developed from boating activities of the “Inuit” in Alaska and Canada mostly. (wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayaking) The word kayak is actually derived from an Aleutian word for a watercraft similar to modern canoes used by indigenous peoples. The sport itself has several manifestations such as racing, river travel including white water canoeing, fishing, diving, exploration, and sometimes even includes search and rescue operations. The daredevils take on the extreme sport of kayaking, which have some of the most difficult to maneuver class four, five and six waterways in the world. Kayaks themselves have as diverse a number of forms as they do functions and can be made of virtually any material. While most types of kayaks are sat in and propelled by human strength, there are some that are completely sealed which are sat upon and there are even some that include motors, jets, or other forms of mechanical propulsion. Whether your aim is to fish, see the sites, or get a thrill from exciting water based activity, kayaking likely has a boat and a sport just to fit your needs.

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