Longboarding Review on The Brand Original Longboard Skateboard

May 30, 2013
Longboarding Review on The Brand Original Longboard Skateboard

Longboarding became an evolution brought on from skateboarding. The very concept originated when someone that had a love for extreme sports felt an idea to collaborate surfing into the dynamic of skateboarding; and hence the longboard skateboard was created.  At first it was of  minor popularity.  It has grown and is now hitting a peak; revolutionizing the entire world of skating and giving a new view of challenge for the sport.

Longboarding offers the same kind of sensation as a skateboard does, at a much safer riding ratio on the flats. the potential to crash is a lot smaller of a percentage, in the overall control you have over the board is much safer.  Longboarding has developed as a sport, a mode of transportation, and a stress relief.  It has touched on the interest of many, and the best thing about it is that it is safe for people of all ages to give it a chance.  Longboarding started as a small trend and has evolved to something much more as you will see you at the Original Longboard Skateboard site, featuring boards from 35″ to 46″ in length including pintails.  We don’t have a favored longboard manufactured, just sharing one of them with you in this post.  You can view some gnarly longboarding videos their YouTube channel.

Feel free to share your longboarding experiences or favorite longboard skateboard type in the comments section below.

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