Longboarding Subculture – Reduce Expenses and Your Carbon Footprint

Jun 28, 2013
Longboarding Subculture – Reduce Expenses and Your Carbon Footprint

Longboarding has become more than simply a sport for people to be enthusiasts about and try because it is the new fad.  It has become a mode of transportation for some that saves money on the gas prices that have inflated astronomically over the past few years.  This type of long skateboard has a design that makes its practical use a realistic measure.  The wheels are larger and softer than that of a skateboard making its turning capabilities much easier to manage.  The longer deck of the board allows more stability and room for the skateboarder to stand on.

Overall the longboard is fun to ride and being used by many for more than sports use; it’s becoming something that people of all ages use whether it’s for hobby or for other practical uses.  Skateboarding originated several years ago from people who wanted to replicate surfing and later the longboard skateboards from the other perspective by people who wanted to experience snowboarding but on paved surfaces as opposed to snowy ones.  The sport of longboarding is a combination of several different sports that gives the user of the board a taste of several different sports into one.  It has grown significantly in popularity over the years.

The fact of the matter is your use of a skateboard whether short or long to get from point A to point B significantly reduces your carbon footprint when all it takes is leg power to propel you to your destination, instead of a gallon of gas.

If you are into longboarding please feel free to share in the comments section below if you ride your board for fun or use your longboard as a form of transportation, how far you ride on a daily basis.

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