Top 10 Bungee Jumping Locations in the World – Over 400 Foot Drops

May 30, 2013
Top 10 Bungee Jumping Locations in the World – Over 400 Foot Drops

Bungee jumping, being an extreme sport, tends to push boundaries in regard to thrill seeking behavior. For those that are looking for the ultimate in what bungee jumping has to offer, a list of ten locations has been compiled that only include sites with drops exceeding four hundred feet. The highest of these drops comes in at over one thousand fifty feet in Cañon City, Colorado in the United States from the Royal Gorge suspension bridge. The next highest drop is a Chinese locale named the Macau Tower with a drop of seven hundred sixty four feet.

Val Verzasca, a valley in the Canton of Ticino as well as Niouc in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland, both host bungee jumps one from a dam has a drop of an amazing seven hundred twenty one feet and the highest bungee jumping locale in the European Union. The other a suspension bridge jump with a drop of six hundred and twenty three feet.

Bloukrans Bridge, an arch bridge in Nature’s Valley, South Africa, is one of the most popular jump sites in the world with a fall of seven hundred ten feet. The longest suspension bridge at The Last Resort in Nepal, about three hours from Kathmandu, boasts a harrowing drop from five hundred twenty five feet. Ponte Collossus, a three hundred fifty foot, eight-tier bridge situated between Milan and Turin Italy in the Veglio-Mosso area is another exciting option. Idaho and Arizona hold the next two spots both with truss arch bridges in Twin Falls and Lee’s Ferry with jumps of four hundred eighty six and four hundred sixty seven feet from the Perrine and Navajo bridges, respectively. The Nevis Highwire Bungee jump in New Zealand has a platform jump that features a drop of four hundred forty feet. All these locations are guaranteed to not only provide an exciting activity but will also give access to some of the most breathtaking sights and architectural marvels the world over.


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