Top Ten Bungee Jumping Locations in the World – Drops under 400 Feet

Jun 6, 2013
Top Ten Bungee Jumping Locations in the World – Drops under 400 Feet

There are a wide variety of bungee jump locations around the world that feature jumps of up to four hundred feet. The top location, Victoria Falls Bridge on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia has a three hundred sixty four foot drop suspended above the Zambezi River. The Pont du Ponsannas suspension bridge in France boasts a thrilling drop from three hundred thirty eight feet. Queenstown, New Zealand features the third and ninth entry on this list with both the Pipeline Bungee and the Ledge Urban Bungee jumps from three hundred thirty five and one hundred fifty four feet, respectively. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica, an hour west of San Jose, has a tropical jungle jump from the Old Colorado River Bridge that utilizes a two hundred seventy nine foot high bridge for bungee excitement. Graskop Gorge in South Africa has a two hundred sixty two foot drop allowing you to not only bungee jump but also enjoy the breathtaking view of Graskop falls. The Corinth Canal bungee jumping site is situated on the connector bridge between Greece and Peloponnesia peninsula has a jump from two hundred sixty feet. The AltaVila Tower includes a two hundred thirty three foot jump from a crane arm perched above a tower in New Lima, Brazil. Longqing Gorge, fifty three miles from Beijing, China features a scenic area for bungee jumping from a platform one hundred sixty feet above the bottom of the gorge. Puerto Vallarta in Mexico completes this list with a one hundred twenty foot jump from a platform overlooking the Pacific Ocean. These locales all promise an exciting adventure paired with diverse cultural and environmental features.

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