USA Bungee Jumping Locations – Cost Comparisons

Jun 28, 2013
USA Bungee Jumping Locations – Cost Comparisons

When looking for the best value in extreme sports, no sport facilitates this like bungee jumping does. The sport has such a global appeal that it ensures a highly competitive pricing market. A list of the most cost effective bungee jumping adventures available in the United States has been compiled as a guide for those on a budget or those simply looking for a great deal. This list includes some of the most easily accessible bungee jumping sites in the United States so savings need not only be dependent upon the bungee jumping adventure but also on the cost of the trip itself. All of these locations are under one hundred dollars and the top three in the list, The Track, Air Boingo Tower, and Park Tower are all under fifty dollars. Whichever option you choose, all of these top locales will provide you with access to this extreme sport for a bargain.


All rates above are subject to change without notice. Check this site for up to date rates, location information.

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